Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many days in a week do you hold madrassa classes?

Madrassa classes for students aged 5-12 are held Mondays to Friday. A special teenager class is held on Sundays.

2) My daughter is five years old. Will she be able to attend children's madrassa classes.

Yes, children between the ages of 5-12 years old can enrol onto the children's madrassa classes. Children who are 12+years of are welcome to enrol on the teenager class.

3) How many children are in each madrassa class?

The maximum number of students in our classes is 20, with many classes having less students so that each child gets most attention of the teacher.

4) Are the madrassa students taught Quran with tajweed?

Yes, all our teachers have been trained in Qur'anic  tajweed. In later years the students are taught more advanced rules of tajweed.

5) What happens if a child is ill and wasn't able to attend couple of lessons? Do you make up for missed classes?

Yes the teacher who is responsible for the classes will give your child all the nessesary inrofmation which has been missed and guide through the homework InshaAllah.